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Money Matters with Ken Moraif
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Your retirement should be your second childhood without parental supervision. That is why Money Matters with Ken Moraif is designed for people 50+ that are retired or retiring soon. Each week, you will be armed with knowledge to help you through your retirement. Ken covers ways to grow and protect your retirement portfolio, an estate planning tip of the week and other important financial news and information. Money Matters with Ken Moraif is one financial show that you don’t want to miss!

The principals in Money Matters with Ken Moraif is a team with over 110 years of combined experience and invests their own money in the same investments that they recommend for their clients. Growing and preserving client’s asset’s is their number one priority. Money Matters has a “Buy, hold and SELL” philosophy. Ken advised his clients and listeners to sell all stocks in November of 2007 and advised them to stay out for all of 2008 plus half of 2009. Clients that followed Ken’s advice did not lose money in the stock market crash of 2008.

Ken Moraif was named by Barron’s as one of the top 100 Independent Financial Advisors in the nation for 2012. In addition Ken’s professional background includes: being a Certified Financial Planner, over 17 years as the host of the Money Matters with Ken Moraif radio show, an MBA, a multi-year Five Star Wealth Manager, and being named by Financial Planning Magazine as one of the top 50 fastest growing fee only Registered Investment Advisors in the Nation. Money Matters is also in the top 5% of all independent financial advisors in the nation with 1.7 Billion of assets under management as of March 31, 2013. Money Matters with Ken Moraif currently has offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, Coppell, Houston and Oklahoma City.

Money Matters with Ken Moraif offers free monthly seminars, a complimentary portfolio review and a weekly E-News Market Alert. To learn more and to sign up for Money Matters with Ken Moraif Seminars, Portfolio Reviews and the Weekly E-News Letter log on to or call 800-994-0302.

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