• Open Carry In Texas! What’s going on with HB 910 State Senator Don Huffines has the answer! May 26, 2015



    State Senator Don Huffines (District 16) was kind enough to drop by The Wells Report and give us an update on what was happening with Open Carry and Campus Carry in the Great Lone Star State!

  • Congressman Pete Sessions calls The Wells Report to discuss the Fifth Circuit upholding injunction against executive amnesty May 26, 2015



    The good Congressman from the TX-32 called Jon-David this evening to discuss the victory that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals granted the US today by refusing to remove the injunction on President Obama’s Executive Order amnesty.

  • Congressman Michael Burgess TX-26 stops by The Wells Report May 26, 2015



    Congressman Michael Burgess TX-26 braved the storms to join Jon-David in-studio Tuesday night to discuss current events, TX flooding and the 21st Century Cares Act!

    Here is some info on the 21st Century Cares Act:

    21st Century Cures passes with unanimous support, includes 8 original Burgess health initiatives

    Washington, D.C. –  The House Committee on Energy & Commerce unanimously approved the 21st Century Cures Act today, by a vote of 51-0.  Over a year in the making, this bipartisan bill will modernize  medical innovation and regulation with patient-centric reforms and support research that alleviates human suffering.  The package incorporates numerous priorities of Congressman Michael C. Burgess’ – including five separately introduced bills and three policy initiatives.

    “We are one major step closer to bringing health care into the 21st century,” Rep. Burgess said. “The gap between innovative new technologies and medicine has been too wide for too long. But today, this committee sent a message – loud and clear – that saving lives and maintaining our nation’s place as the global leader in patient care is of utmost importance.

    “This is what momentum looks like, and I’m hopeful that it will carry this bill to the president’s desk with resounding support.”  

     Burgess priorities included in the 21st Century Cures Act:

     Ø  H.R. 292 – Advancing Research for Neurological Diseases

    Ø  H.R. 293 –  Supporting continued education on medical innovations

    Ø  H.R. 2414 – Facilitating responsible communication of scientific health information

    Ø  H.R. 2415 –  Streamlining FDA data review processes of approved drugs for patient use

    Ø  H.R. 2416 –   Promoting FDA integration of real-world evidence to aid in drug approval

    Ø  Sec. 2081 – Urging the sense that “breakthrough” drugs be approved as soon as possible

    Ø  Sec. 3001 – Ensuring widespread interoperability of health information technology

    Ø  Sec. 2082/2083 – Expanding transparency in how patients access drugs before approval (In conjunction                                                     with Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX)

  • State Dept. releases hundreds of Clinton Benghazi emails-Dip into the Virtual Reading room of the State Dept May 22, 2015

    WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was keenly interested in the events in Libya before and after the Sept. 11, 2012, attack that killed the U.S. ambassador there and three other Americans, emails released by the State Department on Friday show.

    The emails, from the personal email account Clinton kept while at State, showed she and her staff tracked the political fallout from the attack, including claims that she had tried to misrepresent the cause of the raid on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

    On the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Friday, Clinton noted that the House Benghazi committee has been in possession of the emails for several months and said she is pushing the State Department to publicly release “all of them as soon as possible.”

    Friday’s release contained 296 emails that are all of the Benghazi-related emails Clinton sent from her personal account. The messages include a series of routine exchanges, such as reactions to news stories and preparations for hearings. The documents also are heavily redacted — one email about “revised talking points” has the content blanked out entirely.


    Click on the 296 emails link to do directly to the State Dept Virtual Reading Room or click here for the rest of the USA Today story.

  • Cyber Defense Summer Camp-Last chance to sign up! May 22, 2015

    Go here to download application!
    Once you’ve filled out the application submit it by email to csk12@utdallas.edu or call Kevin Henson at 972.897.0384




    cyberdefense-3Cyber Defense Summer Camp is a joint-program offered by Cyber Security Research & Education Institute of the University of Texas Dallas (UTD) and the Cyber Defense Center (CDC).This exciting four week program trains students to compete in the national Cyber Patriot Competition, and lays the foundations for a fulfilling and lucrative career in computer security.

    This astonishing new program brings gifted high school students into our labs to learn from top security industry researchers and professionals.  Cyber Defense Summer Camp will consist of both informative lectures and daily hands-on challenges, covering a variety of topics:


    • Computer Structure and Logic
    • Operating Systems Management
    • Web/Cloud Based Application Security
    • Network Security and Architecture
    • Hardware Trouble Shooting
    • Digital Forensics


    Trainees will be divided into small teams for the duration of camp, with an experienced team leader to guide them during daily and long term challenges.  Students will work closely with UTD and CDC professionals on these projects and will have contact with government and industry leaders.  The goal is to give students the necessary skills for entry level network security positions in the future.  This program is offered to motivated and qualified high schools students for reasonable $600 fee. Limited scholarships are available teachers & low income students. There will be two 4-week summer sessions (June 8 – July 3, July 6 – July 31).   For students who have completed the 4-week camp either in 2014 or 2015, may enroll in a two week advanced camp for 2 weeks in August.  This program will focus on networking and wireless technology.


    Applicants will need a strong grasp of math and science, their own laptop computer, reliable transportation to and from the UTD campus and a strong desire to work and learn.  By making an investment in the next generation, UTD hopes to give young people the skills for an exciting and well-paying career while also strengthening our nation’s capabilities.  Bring laptop with 4 GB of ram capable of running VM Client.

  • ‘Look … It’s My Name on This': Obama Defends the Iran Nuclear Deal-INTVW with Jeffery Goldberg from The Atlantic May 21, 2015


    On Tuesday afternoon, as President Obama was bringing an occasionally contentious but often illuminating hour-long conversation about the Middle East to an end, I brought up a persistent worry. “A majority of American Jews want to support the Iran deal,” I said, “but a lot of people are anxiety-ridden about this, as am I.” Like many Jews—and also, by the way, many non-Jews—I believe that it is prudent to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of anti-Semitic regimes. Obama, who earlier in the discussion had explicitly labeled the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, an anti-Semite, responded with an argument I had not heard him make before.

    “Look, 20 years from now, I’m still going to be around, God willing. If Iran has a nuclear weapon, it’s my name on this,” he said, referring to the apparently almost-finished nuclear agreement between Iran and a group of world powers led by the United States. “I think it’s fair to say that in addition to our profound national-security interests, I have a personal interest in locking this down.”


    Get Jeffery Goldberg’s full article as well as the transcript in the Atlantic here.

  • J Christian Adams on the Wells Report to discuss DOJ Official: Slavery to Blame for Riots in Ferguson and Baltimore May 21, 2015

    Brilliant J Christian Adams hits the ball out of the park once again and exposes the Obama Justice Department for what it really is in PJ Media.  Check out his conversation with Jon-David regarding Baltimore and race within the Justice Department:

    DOJ Official: Slavery to Blame for Riots in Ferguson and Baltimore

    Vanita Gupta, head of the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division, has told a lawyers group in Colorado that slavery and Jim Crow helped fuel the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

    The last few days have seen a number of fanciful stories with the Obama administration seemingly questioning the authority of local police. I’ve long maintained that the administration is nakedly seeking to federalize policing standards — but get rid of local police? No way, that sounds like something broadcast from a shortwave station in Austin, Texas.

    But then up steps Vanita Gupta to lend some credibility to the idea that some want to disband local police and replace police powers with the federal government. Speaking to a group of left-wing lawyers in Colorado, Gupta had this to say:

    The conversation in these rooms, however, is not about whether to have police or not but about what kind of policing communities want and deserve.

    There is no question that we need police in our communities.

    The conversation? What conversation is Gupta hearing that needs to be corrected?  Who brought up the idea we might not need police? Nobody sane, for sure.

    If you read the entirety of Gupta’s speech, you’ll get a sense of what is going on in the mind of the anti-police left.   Officials in this administration still think it is rational and acceptable to bring up the name Michael Brown in the context of anything other than a likely felon against whom deadly force was justifiably used. Behold Gupta:

    Eric Garner.  Michael Brown.  Tamir Rice.  John Crawford.  Walter Scott. Freddie Gray.

    These names and many others have become familiar to us under tragic circumstances in recent months.  Their deaths and those of other unarmed African American men and women in encounters with police officers, have provoked widespread responses across the country and have fueled the Black Lives Matter movement. In communities of color, in particular, the reaction has been stark and sobering.

    In the seven months I have been at the Civil Rights Division, I have spent a lot of time with local leaders and community members in cities all across America, including with numerous mothers who have lost their children in officer-involved shootings. The pain, anger, frustration — the lack of trust in the police — is real, and it is profound.

    Gupta asks the question that many Americans have already asked and answered:

    It’s worth asking, first, how did we get here? And second, what are we going to do about it?

    To most law-abiding Americans, the idea of fleeing from the police, or worse, charging at a policeman you have already punched, is simply beyond the realm of possibility.

    So how did we get here? Was it a breakdown of values? Perhaps a pervasive tolerance for lawlessness? Of course not.

    Read all of J Christian’s article here.
    Find out more about J Christian Adams here.
    Click on the book to learn where to get your copy!

  • Trove of Bin Laden documents released May 20, 2015


    U.S. intelligence officials on Wednesday released a trove of documents recovered during the 2011 raid on Usama bin Laden’s compound — offering a rare window into the operations of Al Qaeda and bin Laden’s involvement in leading the network from his Pakistan hideaway.

    The documents include dozens of letters, some from  bin Laden himself, as well as accounting information and even what appears to be an application form for prospective Al Qaeda members. That form, which asks a series of detailed questions, includes the line: “Who should we contact in case you became a martyr?”

    The correspondence itself shows bin Laden continued to be engaged from his hideout and sought to direct operations. Shortly before he was killed in the May 2011 raid, a letter shows him celebrating the Arab Spring revolutions which had toppled Tunisia’s leader at that point and were mounting in several other countries.

    Read the rest of this article here.
    Browse the entire list of letters and articles from Osama Bin Laden’s bookshelf here.

  • (SB 1968) that would prohibit union dues from being automatically withheld from Texas government employee moved to committee May 20, 2015

    Texas Union Showdown (Wall Street Journal)
    States like Wisconsin and Illinois (see above) have been trying to break the corrupt bargain between government unions and politicians, and it isn’t easy even in right-leaning states. Witness Texas, where Republican lawmakers are trying to pass a bill to end automatic withholding of union dues. The obstacle could be other Republicans.

    On Thursday the Texas state Senate passed a bill that would end the withholding of union dues for public unions except for law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services. The fate of the measure is now in the hands of Texas House Speaker Joe Straus, who can refer the bill either to a committee that passes it, or one that buries it.

    Texas has been a right-to-work state since 1947. But while public unions are a smaller percentage of the workforce than union-dominated states like Illinois, their political impact is still significant and steeply slanted to Democrats. Over the last three election cycles, Texas Democrats received 99% of the political contributions from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (Afscme), and 98% from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) as part of a multi-union effort to “turn Texas blue.”

    In testimony before a Senate committee, Afscme Texas former executive director Brian Olsen explained how the union had also beefed up its Texas political staff. Mr. Olsen cited figures from the U.S. Department of Labor that Afscme contributed $105,000 to Battleground Texas, a group out to defeat GOP candidates.  Read the whole article here.

    Follow the SB 1968 here and see how it progresses.

    Hear Brian Olsen’s conversation with Jon-David regarding SB 1968

  • Carry The Load! Walk this Memorial Day and tell someone who you are carrying May 20, 2015

    Carry The Load Annual Walk this Memorial Day

    Clint Bruce stopped by The Wells Report to promote the event and answer a serious question that civilians might not understand about losing a buddy in combat

    Riverchon Park-3505 Maple Ave Dallas, TX 75219

    When: Sunday May 24th beginning around 3:30 in the afternoon and ending Monday May 25th Memorial Day around noon

    Why: Clint Bruce was at a barbecue on Memorial Day and was thinking of  the friends he lost in combat, but noticed others around him saw Memorial Day as a party or a day off of work. To honor his friends, He strapped on his pack and began walking while thinking of the people who had sacrificed for him and for others.  An understanding older veteran stopped him and asked “Son, who are you carrying?” From then, the idea of Carry The Load was born.


    Mission of Carry the Load: Dedicated to restoring the true meaning of Memorial Day by connecting Americans to the sacrifices of our military, law enforcement, firefighters and rescue personnel.


    Info: carry the load.org