• Juan Williams on The Wells Report!! May 24, 2016

    Juan Williams, political analyst and co host of The Five on Fox News, has written a book and will be in Dallas TOMORROW on behalf of the World Affairs Council!  You’ve got 2 chances tomorrow to see him and check out his new book We The People.  Check out his conversation with Jon-David:




    Juan Williams

    Where: / When:
    Tower Club at Noon (12PM)
    1601 Elm Street
    Thanksgiving Tower 48th Floor
    Dallas, TX 75201

    This will be a luncheon event and book signing


    Later on Wednesday afternoon at the Eldorado Country Club at 4:30PM
    2604 Country Club Dr.
    McKinney, TX 75070

    -This will be a reception and conversation with World Affairs Council President and CEO James N. Falk and will address not only his book, but also the personalities and results that have made the 2016 presidential campaign trail the most memorable in decades.

    More info: Get tickets at dfw world.org or call 214-965-8400

  • **Update**EgyptAir Flight 804: Experts say maybe Terrorism May 20, 2016

    **Update New Developments 5/20/16:  Smoke Alerts issues moments before plane went down.  Debris and human remains have been found in the Mediterranean Sea.  Read more here.**  

    The Wells Report broke the news last night that EgyptAir Flight 804 had fallen off the radar.  Since then updates have been swirling in from everywhere.  First there was debris in the ocean that did belong to Flight 804 and then that statement was retracted (CNN).  The passenger flight list has been checked and double checked but no one on the Terror Watch List was on the flight.  All routine maintenance schedules have been check and nothing seems out of the ordinary.  So, what happened to EgyptAir Flight 804?  Some experts says terrorism is a possibility.

    In a case like this The Wells Report knows exactly who to call.  Dr. Tim Furnish, PhD in Islamic History, consultant, researcher and author joined Jon-David to discuss the possibility of terrorism bringing down EgyptAir Flight 804.  Check out their conversation:

    Check here for live updates.
    Buy Dr. Furnish’s books at major booksellers everywhere!  (Click the books to go directly to a link!)


  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will hold press conference regarding President Obama’s directive to all schools over bathroom policies May 12, 2016

    Learn about President Obama’s directive here.LT GOV PRESSER TOMORROW

  • Congressman Roger Williams TX-25 talks Trump, Capitol Hill and Baseball on The Wells Report May 12, 2016

    We love it when Congressman Roger Williams TX-25 stops by The Wells Report!  It’s always a well rounded discussion;  and with love for this country in his heart the good Congressman discusses why the Republicans should unite behind Trump and move forward with this election.  He says, “We don’t exactly know what we will get with Donald Trump, but we do know what we get with Hillary Clinton.”

  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick calls for resignation of Fort Worth Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner May 11, 2016

    Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a presser in Fort Worth on Tuesday explaining why he called for Fort Worth Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner resignation and explained the legal aspects of the new bathroom policy chances if they are permanently put in place.  Check out the Lt. Gov.’s conversation with Jon-David:

    Watch The Lt. Gov.’s presser:

    Read more about this issue from the Star Telegram, Dallas Morning News and WFAA.

  • Self Reliance Expo THIS FRIDAY AND SATURDAY! May 10, 2016

    Check out Jon-David’s conversation with the President of National Self Reliance Organization, Ron Douglas:


  • Ted Cruz Ends His Presidential Bid Making Trump the Presumptive Nominee May 3, 2016

    Check out Jon-David’s conversation with Dr. Alan Saxe, Poly Sci Professor at UT Arlington:

    According to CNN, Ted Cruz bowed out of the Republican presidential race Tuesday following a crushing loss to Donald Trump in Indiana, clearing the path for the real estate mogul to clinch the GOP nomination.

     It was a remarkable turn of events in a presidential primary race that seemed destined — just weeks ago — to end in a contested convention this summer. Even in the final hours of the race in the Hoosier State, Cruz insisted he was staying in the race until June 7 — going so far as to attack his rival during a news conference as a “pathological liar” unfit for the White House.

    In the end, the growing strength of Trump’s candidacy and Cruz’s own stumbles in the past two weeks were too much for Cruz to overcome. The Cruz, Kasich and anti-Trump forces had concocted elaborate plans to try to deprive Trump of the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination outright. But those plans hinged on money and momentum. After Tuesday night, it appeared that Cruz would have neither.  Read more here.

    Watch Ted Cruz announce his decision to drop out of the Presidential race:

  • Lt. Gov. Patrick to North Texas Officials: Runaway Property Tax Increases Must Stop April 29, 2016

    Video from WFAA.

    Hear Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s conversation with Jon-David over the property tax issue here:


    Texas Insider Report: AUSTIN, Texas – Today, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick gave public testimony at the Senate Select Committee on Property Tax Reform and Relief hearing in Arlington. It was a standing-room only crowd of about 500 people.

    “Lowering property taxes has always been one of my top priorities,” said Patrick. “Last session the Texas Senate and voters successfully brought lasting property tax relief to homeowners across the state. However we must take the next step of reforming the process.

    “Taxing entities must stop the rapid growth in property taxes. I invite local government officials to come to the negotiating table in good faith to pass reform that lowers property taxes and allows them to provide the services their constituents need. However, if they choose to continue listening to their lobbyists, who have instructed them not to compromise or negotiate, and ignore the burden faced by local property owners, they should be fully prepared for us to pass legislation without their input. Property owners are desperate for property tax relief and I intend to do all I can to deliver it to them.

    “I thank committee chair Paul Betten court, and senators, for traveling around the state, listening to public testimony from home and business property owners and local government officials,” concluded Patrick.

  • Why the Left Loathes Western Civilization-Read Dennis Prager’s fantastic article April 27, 2016

    From The National Review by Dennis Prager:

    This month Stanford University students voted on a campus resolution that would have had their college require a course on Western civilization — as it did until the 1980s. Stanford students rejected the proposal 1,992 to 347.

    A columnist in the Stanford Daily explained why: Teaching Western civilization means “upholding white supremacy, capitalism, and colonialism, and all other oppressive systems that flow from Western civilizations.”

    The vote and the column encapsulated the Left’s view of Western civilization: In Europe, Latin America, and America, the Left loathes Western civilization.

    Wherever there is conflict between the West — identified as white, capitalist, or of European roots — and the non-West, the Left portrays the West as the villain.

    I am referring to the Left, not to liberals. The latter generally venerated Western civilization. President Franklin Roosevelt, for example, frequently spoke of defending “Christian civilization.”

    Today, the Left would revile any Westerner who used such language as xenophobic, racist, and Fascist.

    Read Dennis Prager’s article here.

  • More than 500,000 boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy April 25, 2016



    Sign the pledge from the American Family Associations boycott pledge here.

    According to USA Today, A conservative Christian activist group has gained more than half a million signatures and counting from people pledging to boycott Target over its transgender bathroom policy.

    The petition started by the American Family Association on Wednesday raises concerns that Target’s inclusive stance on transgender rights encourages sexual predators and puts women and young girls in danger, because “a man can simply say he ‘feels like a woman today’ and enter the women’s restroom.”

    The boycott has more than 517,000 signatures as of Monday afternoon, marking it as one of AFA’s most popular campaigns.  Read more from USA Today