• If the GOP hopefuls were asking for your advice, what would you say? February 25, 2015

    Hear Professor William Jacobson on The Wells Report with Jon-David Wells!

    CPAC-2015 started today!  This 3 day conservative conference pulls down some heavyweight guests and according to William Jacobson, Cornell University Law professor and author of the Legal Insurrection blog, may even thin the GOP hopeful presidential herd just a bit.  Professor Jacobson says, “The list of serious potential presidential candidates speaking at CPAC has grown to include a wide cross-section, including Jeb Bush, Mike Huckabee, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Chris Christie, Dr. Ben Carson, and Rick Santorum.

    Some of these candidates have high name recognition, fundraising power and the enthusiasm of the conservative activist base, while others are lacking in one or more of these attributes.

    For all these candidates, CPAC could be a boost, a dud, or worse. And for one candidate, CPAC could put her on the map.”

    Professor Jacobson penned the column for The Daily Caller and you should check it out here.

    On the show Jon-David asked what you would tell any of these GOP hopefuls and the answered ranged from ‘don’t eat your young’ and ‘follow the constitution’.  Jump over to the TWR podcast page and listen to the full hour.  It’s listed as The Wells Report-2/25/15-Hour 1

  • Support Barronelle Stutzman, the Washington State florist who is being prosecuted by Washington State for standing by her beliefs! February 25, 2015

    Barronelle Stutzman, a Washington State florist who declined to provide flowers for a gay wedding , has rejected a deal by the attorney general’s office that would’ve forced her to betray her religious beliefs – much like Judas betrayed Jesus.

    “You are asking me to walk in the way of a well-known betrayer, one who sold something of infinite worth for 30 pieces of silver,” Stutzman wrote in a letter to state Attorney General Bob Ferguson. “That is something I will not do.”

    Ferguson had offered to settle the case if she paid a $2,000 penalty for violating the Consumer Protection Act, a $1 payment for costs and fees, and agreed not to discriminate in the future.

    “My primary goal has always been to bring about an end to the defendant’s unlawful conduct and to make clear that I will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation,” Ferguson said in a prepared statement.

    Read the whole article here.  Support Barronelle Stutzman here.  Hear Kristen Waggoner from the Alliance Denfending Freedom discuss Baronnelle Stutzman’s case below

  • Congressman Pete Sessions on The Wells Report discussing the veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Extremism Summit February 24, 2015

    Congressman Pete Sessions TX-32 joined Jon-David this evening and minced no words about President Obama’s veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline and also made what some may consider an explosive comment about President Obama’s religion.  Check out Jon-David’s conversation with the Good Congressman from the TX-32 below

  • John Kerry: Our Plan for Countering Violent Extremism February 23, 2015


    Show the world the power of peaceful communities, and tackle bad governance that breeds frustration.

    Throughout our history, we have faced threats from aggression, genocide, chaos and dictatorship. Today we are asked to wage a new war against a new enemy. The battlefield is different, and so are the weapons that we need to overcome that enemy and triumph.

    The rise of violent extremism represents the pre-eminent challenge of the young 21st century. Military force is a rational and often necessary response to the wanton slaughters of children, mass kidnappings of schoolgirls, and beheading of innocents. But military force alone won’t achieve victory. In the long term, this war will be won only by deploying a broader, far more creative arsenal.

    A safer and more prosperous future requires us to recognize that violent extremism can’t be justified by resorting to religion. No legitimate religious interpretation teaches adherents to commit unspeakable atrocities, such as razing villages or turning children into suicide bombers. These are the heinous acts of individuals who distort religion to serve their criminal and barbaric cause.

    A safer and more prosperous future also requires us not to be distracted by divisions grounded in hatred or bias. There is no room in this fight for sectarian division. There is no room for Islamophobia or anti-Semitism. Violent extremism has claimed lives in every corner of the globe, and Muslim lives most of all. Each of us is threatened, regardless of ethnicity, faith or homeland. We must demonstrate to the terrorists that rather than divide us, their tactics unite us and strengthen our resolve.

    Toward that goal of unity, and of action, President Obama has been hosting a summit in Washington this week that is bringing together leading figures from local and national governments, civil society, and the private sector around the world. This summit at the White House and State Department will expand the global conversation and, more important, adopt an action agenda that identifies, shares and utilizes best practices in preventing and countering violent extremism. And when world leaders gather at the United Nations General Assembly next fall, a key topic of discussion will be the steps we’ve all taken to fight extremism based on the agenda we outline this week.

    Put simply, we are building a global partnership against violent extremism.  Read the whole article here.

  • Sen. Jeff Sessions releases lengthy timeline of Obama Administration’s Dismantling of the Immigration Law February 16, 2015

    As Republicans work to overcome a Democratic filibuster of a House-passed Department of Homeland Security bill that blocks President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is highlighting the Obama administration’s long history of dismantling immigration laws.

    In a lengthy timeline released Monday, Sessions — the chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest — lists every instance of the Obama administration ignoring, rewriting, delaying and breaking the nation’s immigration laws.

    The timeline begins in January 2009 with the administration ending worksite enforcement actions and, 50 pages later, ends on February 13, 2015 with the House Judiciary Committee’s revelation that the administration included a “sneaky” avenue for illegal immigrants granted deferred status to be placed on a pathway to citizenship.

    Sessions’ list comes at a pivotal point in Republicans’ fight to preserve the nation’s immigration laws. In November, after the midterm elections, Obama announced he would provide unilateral amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants.

    In January, House Republicans passed a Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill that also blocked Obama’s executive amnesty. In the Senate, however, Democrats — including those who said they were opposed to the president’s unilateral actions — have blocked debate on the legislation.

    Funding for the department expires on February 27 and the path forward remains hazy with Republicans considering ways to break the filibuster.

    The release of Session’s timeline comes less than two weeks before DHS funding expires and a less than a year after he released an earlier edition in May 2014. Since May the timetable has seen nearly 100 more additions.

    See the full timetable here on Breitbart

  • Texas vs. the Feds: A Look at the Lawsuits February 16, 2015

    During his time as attorney general, now-Gov. Greg Abbott made his lawsuits against the Obama administration — 31 in total — a point of pride. The attorney general’s office provided cost estimates for 29 of the cases, which totaled about $4.25 million.

    So what did Texans get for their money?

    Based on court rulings, Texas has definitively won five of those cases. In 10 cases, the courts ruled against the state. Nine cases are still pending, and the AG’s office withdrew the remaining seven.

    Click here for a really user friendly drop down menu from the Texas Tribune explaining each lawsuit and the language is easy to understand!

  • Krauthammer: Crusaders and appeasers February 13, 2015

    His secretary of defense says, “The world is exploding all over.” His attorney general says that the threat of terror “keeps me up at night.” The world bears them out. On Tuesday, American hostage Kayla Mueller is confirmed dead. On Wednesday, the U.S. evacuates its embassy in Yemen, a country cited by President Obama last September as an American success in fighting terrorism.

    Yet Obama’s reaction to, shall we say, turmoil abroad has been one of alarming lassitude and passivity.

    Not to worry, says his national security adviser: This is not World War II. As if one should be reassured because the current chaos has yet to achieve the level of the most devastating conflict in human history. Indeed, insists the president, the real source of our metastasizing anxiety is . . . the news media.

    Russia pushes deep into eastern Ukraine. The Islamic State burns to death a Jordanian pilot. Iran extends its hegemony over four Arab capitals — Beirut, Damascus, Baghdad and now Sanaa.

    And America watches. Obama calls the policy “strategic patience.” That’s a synonym for “inaction,” made to sound profoundly “strategic.”  Read the remainder of this article here.

  • Cindy Crawford praised for ‘keeping it real’ by posing in underwear without the aid of photoshop for Marie Claire [SEE PHOTO] February 13, 2015

    Crawford has proudly shown off her un-photoshopped body has part of a campaign designed to show what models and celebrities look like without airbrushing.

    The powerful image sees the 48-year-old mother-of-two revealing her stomach, thighs and chest – the parts women’s bodies that are often criticised or judged – proving that she does not need to have her body digitally altered in order to look beautiful.

  • The Strategy, The Kingdom, and You-Colonel John Antal (Ret.) February 10, 2015
    Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, now the King of Saudi Arabia, meets with U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Royal Court in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, June 2, 2014.  (DOD photo) http://www.defense.gov/PhotoEssays/PhotoEssaySS.aspx?ID=5205

    Saudi Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, now the King of Saudi Arabia, meets with U.S. Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Royal Court in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, June 2, 2014. (DOD photo) http://www.defense.gov/PhotoEssays/PhotoEssaySS.aspx?ID=5205

    We live in the best of times and yet, the worst of times. The world as we know it was created by an energy revolution at the dawn of the 20th Century.  That energy revolution, no matter how much some people wish otherwise, came from harnessing the energy of petroleum.  Oil rules our world and will likely rule the world for several more generations.  Before oil, merely four generations ago, we relied on horsepower.  Now we have wondrous technologies that would have looked like magic to our ancestors, thanks largely to the oil energy revolution that fueled the development of technology and the industrialization of the world.  To leverage this energy we have embraced a global market and garnered unprecedented wealth.  To maintain this wealth, the world economy, and our status as a superpower, we need a source of cheap and easily accessible energy.

    So what does all this mean to you? Wars and rumors of wars, terrorism and beheadings, and a myriad of other dangers splash across news screens every day.  In particular, dangerous forces are at work in the Middle East that could dramatically disrupt the strategic calculus of our world.  Read the entire article here.

  • Our very good friend Tom Tradup visits Guatemala with Food For The Poor February 5, 2015
    Tom Tradup

    Tom Tradup

    As part of Salem Communications support for the relief organization “Food For The Poor”…a number of the company’s staff–including hosts from Cleveland, Chicago and Los Angeles–are in Guatemala this week visiting rural areas the charity serves. SRN VP/News & Talk Programming Tom Tradup got up close and personal with one young Guatemalan, while EVP/Spoken Word Programming Phil Boyce attracted a crowd with his “bubble gun.” The group returns to the U.S. this weekend.

    Phil Boyce

    Phil Boyce

    To find out more about Food for the Poor and to make a donation, please click here.